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Each day is a new
to make a positive difference. 

To create and inspire
extraordinary things

and change-making 
experiences in
the lives of others

This is me

Dunja Perković
Dunja Perkovic

It doesn't matter where are you coming from as long as you know where are you heading to.

So, who is Dunja? (trouble pronouncing? Just imagine that there stands a letter 'y' written instead of 'j'. Dunya. Easier?)

If I would be a tree, I would be quince. And this is exactly what my name stands for.  A Croatian word for quince. 

Why would Dunja choose to be a quince? 

It is cultivated on all continents. A true citizen of the world that finds piece of self everywhere. It tolerates both shade and sun. Pretty resilient. Easily adapts to various soils. The fact that is not grown in large amounts doesn't make it rare. Just different. Especially when blossoming. Just like me when I find myself in the zone. Interesting enough to be among the most popular bonsai specimens. 

With intense aroma and tartness. Typically me: direct and sharp as a signature 

communication style. Introverted and not easily tearing the fences down. Too hard and tart to be eaten raw. But, when treated properly, able to give the best and add that special flavor note to any dish. Distilled to its core essence, quince transforms into one of the most appreciated spirits in the Balkans - rakija.

Making something usual extraordinary.

Exactly the essence of me. To create & inspire extraordinary things so that I help ignite delightful & joyful experiences in the lives of others.

Because... life is too short for anything less than that. 

Forward-Thinking  Reflective  Imaginative  Independent   Determined        Decisive   Well-Organized   Dedicated  Learning-Junkie 

   Analytical   Inquisive  Major Flop @Small Talk    Thought-Provoking Conversation Lover   Ideator & Creator  Passionately Curious  

  Status Quo Challenger   Socially Adept Introvert    Eternal Optimist   


"You are unique. Just like everybody else."

My parents say that I started to speak when I was 10 months old. Before I started to walk. 

And, for as long as I can remember, I was always curious to find out more. I was always asking many questions. Apparently too many questions. 

My father resolved this challenge in a pretty ingenious and expensive way. He has bought eight volumes of General Encyclopedia to serve as an offline version to google well before Google times. Got all the answers plus an ideal press for herbarium plants. 


Throughout my youth I had a couple of visions for my future. My dream to become a new Monica Seles never came to life, just as that one of becoming a famous singer. Audience never appreciated my vocal skills. In the meanwhile I have developed some deep acceptance for that - there is something wrong with the air vibrations when I sing so they collide with the sound of my voice. Otherwise, I sound pretty amazing.

I did not become a pharmacist either. Nor a journalist or a psychologist. But I do cook a lot and some dishes have decent soul healing effects. I do write a lot and study psychology on my own in my free time. I’m fascinated by neuroscience and love studying people - their thinking, decisions, behaviors and interactions. 


I have always loved to learn. And I have never stopped. I consider myself as a permanent beta -  a learning junkie driven by inexhaustible curiosity and a strong drive to constantly advance. Credits go to my late grandpa who was constantly repeating “Just continue to  learn. Knowledge is the greatest asset a man can acquire.”  This advice turned out to have the most profound impact on my life.


‘It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.’

Immanuel Kant


As a huge travel and tourism enthusiast, I have recently decided to unite knowledge and experience towards the vision to transform the tourism industry. (Re)defining and creating new service experiences and business models should equip small and mid-sized businesses with more existential flexibility and help them sustain in the new era, despite dramatic challenges this industry is currently faced with.

Lead Alike Ltd., a boutique consultancy, was founded with this mission.

Dunja Perkovic

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